Culture IS Strategy, Doing Good is Good for Your Business & More Work On Purpose

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This week:

KPMG and Purpose:
How can your organization build morale, gain higher productivity and keep people engaged?
Hear what KPMG is doing on purpose…

Walking the Talk: Culture IS Strategy
how by aligning actions with values and purpose-beyond-profit, businesses can create a successful brand with: clarity, consistency, character, communications, and culture…

Why Doing Good Is Good for Your Design Business
Doing “Good” as a creative or company not only attracts the right people to work for you and with you, but also generates opportunities to engage with great clients…

How to Stop Checking Your Phone!
Some of the behavioral steps indicated apply beyond phone usage and might actually help other aspects of your life…
For example: You don’t break habits, you replace them…

Are you in Medicine?
Here is a unique invitation for you…
Amrita Hospitals Invitation Letter 08-10.17-2

If you are local:
Stan Phelps Keynoting 19th Annual Cause Conference Sept 8th @ UC San Diego:



Stan Phelps to Keynote
Cause Conference 2017
Maximizing Your Impact Through The Power Of Purpose

CCSD, AMA SD and SDNA, are thrilled to announce that author and speaker Stan Phelps will keynote the 19th Annual Cause Conference. Phelps inspires organizations and brands to be remarkable, showing them how to stand out in ways that customers and employees can’t help but talk about. His informative keynotes and workshops focus on the impact of purpose in business, the value of customer experience as a competitive differentiator, and the role of employee engagement in building a strong corporate culture.

An IBM Futurist, TEDx Speaker and Forbes Contributor, Phelps has spoken at over 250 events, on every inhabited continent, in over a dozen countries, for Fortune 100 brands such as IBM, Target, ESPN, UPS, GlaxoSmithKline and Citi.

He is the author of the six-book Goldfish series:

  • Red GoldfishMotivating Sales and Loyalty Through Shared Passion & Purpose
  • Purple Goldfish – 12 Ways to Win Customers and Influence Word of Mouth
  • Green GoldfishBeyond Dollars: 15 Ways to Drive Employee Engagement
  • Golden GoldfishThe Vital Few: All Customers and Employees Are Not Created Equal
  • Blue GoldfishUsing Technology, Data and Analytics to Drive Both Profits & Prophets
  • Purple Goldfish Service EditionThe 12 Ways Hotels, Restaurants & Airlines Win the Right Customers

According to Phelps, putting purpose first benefits employees, shareholders and customers. Business 1.0 focused on shareholders. Business 2.0 was all about customers. Now, business 3.0 puts purpose first. Purpose-driven companies are dedicated to a purpose that drives employee engagement, fuels the bottom line, and makes an impact on the lives of those it serves. It is Phelps’ contention that, “By 2020 purpose will be the main driver of business, not corporate filing status. Companies will either be seen as ‘for purpose’ or ‘not for purpose’.”

DJ King, Cause Conference executive committee member and president of Conscious Capitalism San Diego said, “Stan’s latest book, Red Goldfish, offers fresh, entertaining and valuable insights into the positive impact of purpose-driven business, which is one of the key tenets of Conscious Capitalism. His keynote will set the stage for the conference journey toward achieving meaningful impact through aligning with our purpose.”

Learn more about our speakers  and see our full agenda.

Date: September 8th, 2017 from 7AM to 6PM

Location: UC San Diego’s Price Center

Early-Bird Price: $129 Members / $249 Non-Members


Steeply discounted Member pricing Available



Engage with hundreds of purpose-minded professionals.
Become a #CauseSD Sponsor!


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