Your Soul Food for July 1st Interdependence Day Weekend 2017: “Everything in this universe depends on everything else”

Enjoy Interdependence Day Weekend Friends!


“Creative people can stimulate creativity in others, by osmosis.”—Alan Watts

This week:

40 Quotes to Quench Your Existential Thirst:

Most often the best advice is just a mere tidbit of insightfulness, another way to understand ourselves and the world around us, a comment of encouragement, or positivity. Below is an accumulation of insightful quotations by British-born American philosopher, Alan Watts who spent his career teaching others to unlearn everything society has taught us, and to recognize the only moment that exists perpetually is the present.

The Story Behind The Flag:
The Star Spangled Banner As You’ve Never Heard It…

Thanks this week to all we Stumble Upon, Larry H, and all of us that independently & interdependently quench one another’s existential thirst!

Happy Interdependence Day!

Please Pay it Forward and Be Inclusive…

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“Everything in this universe depends on everything else.”Alan Watts

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