The Bystander Effect, The Helper Effect, Social Purpose, Advertising that Sells Peace Not Products and Feel Good Vids

“Mission Bells Ring, Are You Listening?”


This week:
The Bystander Effect and its Opposite, The Helper Effect
If you think one person’s decisions and actions don’t matter, this will change your mind!

The first vid is instructive in understanding the Bystander effect, & the TED talk that follows discusses that and then goes beyond to the Helper Effect.
It’s uplifting to remember that there is good in human nature, and how personal leadership can prevail, releasing the good over the bad in people.

The Bystander Effect:
and The Helper Effect:

What’s Your Social Purpose? Here is a KUSI TV clip featuring our social purpose work in this community
Mission Fed and yours truly start around the 7:30 mark, ending at around 14:30, so if you just have 7 minutes you might care to check it out…

A stranger walks into a school and pays off all overdue lunch balances…
What a great idea!

Advertising Sells Peace Not Products:
A refreshing twist on the power of authentic communications to transform lives and shift fear and terror to prosocial behaviors
The 60 minute story…
starts at 14:50 into the video

If you are local…
Work for a Nonprofit?
Mind Answering this short 8 question survey to help move the needle on the social sector?
Small or large,  nonprofit directors and support staff/volunteers. This will further research for a master’s program!
Simply click this link:,
Thx so much!!

Thanks this week go to Ruben H, Ron A, Cyrus B, & Shannon Mc!
Peace on earth, good will towards all, and please pay it forward…

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“To live is the rarest thing in the world.
Most people exist, that is all.”–
Oscar Wilde

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