Thanksgiving at every Level and every Table- In Our Social, Work, Community and Personal Lives


This week:

Practicing An Attitude of Gratitude with Our Returning Kindness Campaign:
By popular demand, here are round two of our pay it forward, back and sideways campaign that runs on 94.1 and 93.3 through December with a new spot sharing the love each week!

Thanks to the 1,000+ people in San Diego that added their energy to National Philanthropy Day 2016
It was a Symphony of Philanthropy!

11-23-16-2National Philanthropy Day only comes once a year, but your contribution of goods, time and donations are needed all year long to meet the needs of our community and nonprofit organizations. Help us extend the attitude of gratitude throughout San Diego County every day by making a contribution today.


A Powerful Antidote for the Workplace: Respect & Appreciation!

11-23-16-311.23.16-5.jpga powerful antidote for the modern workplace
Today’s workplace is asking employees to do more than ever. People are accessible via technology at all hours, at home, and even on vacation. Despite their efforts to keep up with ever-increasing demands, most workers aren’t feeling adequately appreciated. The result is lower productivity, lack of engagement, and high rates of turnover. In contrast, employees who do feel recognized and appreciated report 53% higher focus, 58% higher engagement, and 109% higher likelihood to stay with the organization.* A little appreciation goes a long way and has the power to change the entire milieu of an office. You may compensate employees in the form of flexible work hours, higher salaries, or even an on-site barista, but none of these can top the power of two simple words: “Thank you.”  Specific words of thanks and appreciation fill our reservoirs with positive emotions and prevent burnout. Appreciation is a win-win. When you sit down to write a note of thanks, not only will the recipient benefit from your expression of positive emotions, but so will you. Making others feel more valued makes us feel more valuable. Remember, emotions are contagious. Make the simple but profound act of appreciation an intentional part of your day.  For more tips and ideas for expressing appreciation, check out our album on Facebook where you can like, share, and comment on your favorites. *Read more findings from our Human Era @ Work white paper

from our blog

The Bad Behavior of Visionary Leaders Our research at The Energy Project has shown that the more employees feel their needs are being met at work – above all, for respect and appreciation – the better they perform.


top tips

  1. Say thank you. In our digital world, it’s tempting to shoot off an email or even a text to thank someone, but taking the time to handwrite a note has more of an impact. Remember to be specific about why you’re thanking him or her. A face to face thank you or even an email sent to his/her boss are also good options.
  2. Start a gratitude journal. Appreciation starts with the ability to take note of the positive things that are working and acknowledge your gratitude for them. The practice of keeping a gratitude journal will slowly alter the lens through which you view the world. And when you have a bad day, you can open up your journal to be reminded of what’s right in your life.
  3. Listen. At the most basic level, listening makes other feel valued and appreciated. Give the people you’re conversing with today your full, focused attention.

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words but to live by them.” 

— John F. Kennedy


The Love Drug- Oxytocin, A BBC Podcast:
The hormone oxytocin is involved in mother and baby bonding and in creating trust. Much is known with respect to oxytocin effects on the perception of well-being, happiness, and importantly, interpersonal bonding and human social behavior…
Want to know what really happens at a wedding?
Want to improve your therapeutic session?

If you are local…
Catch us on KUSI TV this Thanksgiving Sunday at 11 am!

Thanks this week go to Deepak C, Tony S, Anu T, Cathy S, and all of you resonating on the appreciation vibration as we launch the holiday season!

Pay that “attitude of gratitude” forward…


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“I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought, and that
gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder”
Gilbert K. Chesterton

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