Your Soul Food for Friday, September 2nd: Nurture Your Nature, Love & Education, Compassion Training and Leadership

Happy Soul Food Friday!

This week:

Heroic Labrador Rescues Two Dogs Trapped in Canoe:
When two dogs trapped in a canoe, begin heading downstream, an unexpected friend rushes out to save them. See what happens…

The National Parks Celebrate its 100th Anniversary:

What Jesus Would Do: Love Donald Trump

Tips for Students and Their Parents Navigating the Start of College
This is not a Hollywood experience here…Coach don’t Rescue

Wake up to the benefits of a later school day…

One Answer to School Attendance…Washing Machines:

If you are local:

Compassion Cultivation Training:

My friend Sara Schairer is leading a course developed by Stanford University, and its purpose is to help people cultivate compassion for themselves and others.

The course, Compassion Cultivation Training, is a mindfulness-based and science-backed approach to practicing compassion, and it’s great for anyone who feels stressed and overwhelmed or is interested in developing more self-compassion and compassion for others.  Many participants have said it is life-changing!

The 8-week course meets each Wednesday from 6-8pm, and it begins on Sept. 7.

Bring a friend, and you each get $50 off registration! Use the code CCTFRIEND16 at checkout.

YOU CAN REGISTER HERE – or check out their Facebook site:

Save the Date for MANA’s Latina Success Conference Saturday, Oct 15th, 2016
Workshops on Leadership, Business, Finance and Health that are transforming! Download the pdf to learn more ESTD.MANALSC_English2016.

Thanks, this week go to Vinny R, Sara S, the team at MANA, and everyone nurturing their inner nature through love and education!

Pay it Forward Compassion It-ly,


LOVE is our Soul Purpose”

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