our Soul Food for Friday August 12th: Stand Up and Be Counted! (Trigger Warning: This contains potentially distressing material for some) But Meet Bob Will Remedy That!

Happy Soul Food Friday!


“For the next phase of ‘her-story’, men simply can’t stay quiet!” –Neville

Which narrative consumes you?

Divisive, negative, if it bleeds it leads, sensationalism and fearmongering as we are currently experiencing in our Electoral Politics?


Heroic stories of hard work, triumph, impossible odds, and the triumph of spirit over fear as we are currently experiencing with the Olympics?

With both dominating the airwaves and digital screens which one calls you?

Given the choice of a political rant or a Olympic cheer which energy resonates most with you?
What does that say about us as a people or as a country?

There are two stories of his/her story; one of inadequacy, fear and division, and the other of empowerment, love and unity.

Winning the Story Wars is a great way to understand this dichotomy and choose the narrative that reflects your best self.


Which story line will reflect your life and contribution.

Whatever slice of the equity, diversity and inclusion pie that matters most to you, it is time to take a stand…

If I am not a perpetrator and not a victim then I can’t just be a relegated to a bystander for that suggests I am a tolerator

Trigger Warning: This Soul Food Friday contains potentially distressing material for some, but the Meet Bob pictures at the end should reset your energy…

This week:

Politics Aside, this is What a Feminist Looks Like:

It is absolutely men’s responsibility to fight sexism too.

The most important change may be the toughest of all – and that’s changing ourselves…


Real Men

Sign in Copenhagen right by a strip club

Human Trafficking Right Here in San Diego: A Study

These are our daughters, sisters, friends and mothers…


Some Key Findings:

  • Sex trafficking is San Diego’s 2nd largest underground economy after drug trafficking. The underground sex economy represents an estimated $810 million in annual revenue
  • At least 110 gangs are involved in commercial exploitation of people (CSEP).
  • Our sample of traffickers in prison contained roughly an equal number of white, black and Hispanic facilitators
  • 15 years old is the average age of entry into child commercial sexual exploitation (CSEC)
  • Sex trafficking facilitators control 4.5 victim/survivors on average
  • 42% of first-time prostitution arrests are in fact cases involving sex trafficking
  • Domestic trafficking accounts for the majority of CSEP
  • Transborder criminal networks are involved in trafficking minors and adults between Mexico and the United States. 20% of trafficking victims referred to service providers come from Mexico and 10 other countries
  • Female recruiters and pimp/sex trafficking facilitators are perceived to be a significant and growing feature of the underground sex economy
  • Significant CSEC recruitment is happening on high school and middle school campuses


To Prevent Sexual Assault, Schools and Parents Start Lessons Early:

Experts say the sooner parents broach the subject the better. College, they say, is usually way too late.


Be Counted Join He For She:

See who else is leaning in…


Meet Bob and his friends

If I am not a perpetrator and not a victim then I can’t just be a relegated to a bystander for that suggests I am a tolerator

Elevate awareness for and help us help ourselves!

Thanks this week to Rex H, all the women (and men) of Aoinagi Ken Shu Kai celebrating 35 years in the wisdom traditions with a commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion as well as all you peaceful warriors everywhere!

Pay it forward…




“The education of attention would be an education par excellence.” –William James


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