Your Soul Food for Friday July 22nd 2016: Who are YOUR Own & Can YOU Flip the Script?

Happy Soul Food Friday!

This week:

We Take Care of Our Own

When you think “our own” what is your definition?

Both mind-sets have their virtues. The “particularists” emphasize the intimate love and loyalty that is the stuff of real community. The universalists are moved by injustices anywhere, and morally repulsed by inaction and indifference in the face of that suffering…”

Flip the Script: Why Non-Complimentary Behavior, as Difficult as it is, Can Model a Better Way…

  • attempted robbery was foiled by… a glass of wine and some cheese
  • police officers combat the growing problem of Islamic radicalization with… love
  • a man who flipped the script on… finding a mate

What a Deep Dive on How Silicon Valley’s Best Will Fix Education?

Lessons in Life:

Pick one that works for you!


Thanks this week go to Rex H, all my friends and thought leaders putting the LOVE back in Education and Larry H.

Pay it forward please…



“There are two educations: the one that teaches how to make a living

and the other that teaches how to live”

—Anthony DeMello

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