Your Soul Food Friday for Feb 19th 2016: Forgo Average, Live YOUR Hero’s Journey, Explore the Four Purposes of Life & Get Some Historic Perspective

Happy Soul Food Friday!

 This week:

Challenging Our Basic Assumptions and Trusting the Process

“Here and Now…Breath and Relax”- Dan Millman


After Centuries of ‘Sameness’ We are Finally Seeing the End of Average:

Yes, ‘normal’ is the psycho-pathology of the average and it is time to herald in a new era!

Rose is the Director of the Mind, Brain and Education program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education where he heads up the Laboratory for the Science of the Individual.

Courage is Not What You Think it Is:

You have to be out of your mind to tap deep courage. Literally.

Most of your fears are mental. The trick to cultivating courage, therefore, is by getting out of your mind and into your body. Learn why and how to use a three step approach to have more courage on your personal and professional journey.

Eric is also the author of Leadership as a Hero’s Journey

Speaking of Hero’s Journeys, Discover the Lessons Learned from Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey and Apply Them to Your Own:

Filmmaker Patrick Soloman discusses his movie “Finding Joe” & Dan Millman shares “The Four Purposes of Life”.

2nd clip at the 6:50 mark with Patrick is good & the 3rd and 4th clips with Dan Millman are great!

Some of these pictures will put a lump in your throat…

Getting Some Historic Perspective

If You Are Local…

Calling All Parents – Mission Fed Supports Anti-Cyber Bullying:

As the amount of cell phone and computer usage grows with children, cyber bullying is also on the rise and that’s why Mission Fed is proud to sponsor the Calling All Parents campaign. Led by the San Diego Police Foundation, in partnership with NBC 7 and Cox, to promote SafetyNet – A program designed to help parents and educators learn how to keep kids safe online.

Starting February, 16 through the end of April, NBC 7 and Cox will features a series of commercials “Calling All Parents” and asking them to be more involved in their children’s computer usage at a time when technology is becoming central to their children’s lives. The commercials feature Mission Fed as the sponsor and highlights our commitment to making a difference in the lives of our members and our community.

To learn more visit:


Learning Upgrade Software helps Somali refugees learn English

Thanks this week go to Eric K, Wade at WS Radio, Larry H, Vinod L, the Mission Fed team & Everyone Living the Hero’s Journey and Way of the Peaceful Warrior!

Pay it Forward



“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”— Benjamin Franklin



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