YOUR Soul Food Friday for Jan 8th 2016: New Year’s Songs, Parties, Lessons, Resolutions, Wishes & Aspirations- YOUV’E GOT THIS!

HNY ’16!

Chess pup


Here is your Soul Food for this week.

BTW, we now have over 2,800 soul-filled people around the world connected through this blog!

  • Happy New Year: Something to Stir Your Heart in 2016
  • Hope your End of Year Parties were as Amazing as These!
  • 35 Priceless Lessons 2015 Taught Robin Sharma
  • 9 Leadership Resolutions for 2016
  • Got Some New Behaviors You Might Like to Institute in 2016
  • Here are some Soul-Filled 2016 NEW YEAR’s wishes for you:
  • If You Are Local: Join us at #YouthSuccessWeek January 10-17, Oceanside California

Happy New Year!

Oh Sweetness…



Good Party!

35 Priceless Lessons 2015 Taught Robin Sharma

9 Leadership Resolutions for 2016

Got Some New Behaviors You Might Like to Institute in 2016?

Here are some Soul-Filled 2016 NEW YEAR’s wishes for you:

The Happy New Year is on Target

If YOU Are Local:
Join us and help spread awareness for this first of its kind community event!

Youth Success Week

Youth Success Week is free to the community! 

Thirty presenters, keynoters, authors and workshop leaders are volunteering their time throughout the week with events for community members as well as delivering assemblies in all our Oceanside schools.

Attend these exciting events and share them with others!

Sunday, January 10th 1:30 pm  – 4 pm                QLN Conference Center       

Attend the Star-studded Opening Kick-off

Hear Dr. Duane Coleman, OUSD Superintendent, Stedman Graham, author Identity and other key presenters, along with students sharing What is Success and 8 Key of Excellence presentations.

The event is free. Register for Opening Kick-off at:

Tuesday, January 12th   8:30 am – 11:30 am             Junior Seau Beach Community Center

Thursday, January 14th 11:30 am – 2:30 pm             El Camino High School

Leadership Success Day – Business Training

Presented by Stedman Graham, author Identity and Steve Farber author Extreme Leadership

The event is free. Register for either day of the Leadership Success Day at:

 Saturday, January 16th 9 am – 12 noon     El Camino High School Truax Theater

Parent Palooza

Hear from Parenting Experts and Global Leaders

The event is free. Register for the Parent Palooza at

 Sunday, January 17th  2-4pm        Junior Seau Oceanside Amphitheater

Closing Finale

Showcasing OUSD Students: Ballet, Folklorico, Polynesian Dancers School Performances

No registration required.

Watch our inspiring video and learn more at

Youth Success Week Is sponsored by the Community Alliance for Youth Success (CAYS), co-founded by Stedman Graham and Bobbi DePorter, in alliance with the Oceanside Unified School District and the Oceanside Promise.

 Designed to engage and catalyze our entire community on matters related to the success and well-being of our youth, Youth Success Week will bring together visionary educators, student and community leaders, professional experts, youth-serving organizations, entertainers, parents and students in an unprecedented demonstration of how a community can come together and put its children first.

 Come and Participate! Register for events on the links above.

 And Please Help Us Spread the Word!  

  1. Share the Youth Success Week Oceanside video with your business & network:
  2. Follow and share Youth Success Week through social media:

Facebook  []

Instagram []

Twitter     []

  1. Post a Youth Success Week poster in your business or establishment.
  2. Become a Youth Success Week Sponsor and offer discounted services or products to Oceanside families.
  3.  Contact us to brainstorm ways to support youth with your organization.
  4.  Volunteer by donating a few hours of your time for one of the programs or activities being held throughout the city January 10-17.


Join the movement today for Youth Success Week Oceanside January 10-17, 2016!

(760) 305-7317

CAYS Organizing Committee:

 Stedman Graham, Stedman and Associates CEO and CAYS co-founder

Bobbi DePorter, LFI President and CAYS co-founder; President of Quantum Learning Network

Luisa Csathy, Founder, Giving Tree Movement

Dr. Ken Druck, Founder, Jenna Druck Center

Steve Farber, CEO and Speaker, Extreme Leadership

Neville Billimoria, SVP and Chief Advocacy Officer, Mission Federal Credit Union

Helice Bridges, CEO and Founder, Difference Makers International

Starla Lewis, CEO, C.E.L.L

Marlaine Cover, President, The Global Presence

Tia Ross, CEO, Motivating the Teen Spirit

Marcy Morrison, Career Coach

Lisette Omoss, Community Volunteer, Realtor, Photographer

John Cotter, Speaker, Community Activist, Career Educator


CAYS                 O Side

Thanks this week go to Larry H, Robin S, Peter B-S, the CAYS group that has worked hard for over 3 years to bring this vision to fruition, and Andrea for helping me get this out, rain or shine every week!

Pay it Forward!



“Action without Vision is merely Movement

Vision without Action is but a Dream

Action and Vision can Change the World!”





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