Your Soul Food Friday Gift for Dec 12th 2014

Happy Soul Food Friday!

As we enter the holiday season with the consumptive madness of Cyber Mondays, Black Fridays, Super Saturdays, obligatory gifts to others, measuring economic impact by how much we spent in the local malls and Amazon walls, here are some alternative gifts for you.

There was no cost to procuring them, no lines to stand in, no calculus of “should I spend more or less” -as if the amount we spend per person on our list determines their value in our system- just the time investment and care energy of curating and then presenting them to you.

If they resonate, pay them forward.

If they don’t, return to sender…



Should I Buy

Jerry Seinfeld Puts It In Perspective So Well & So Darn Honestly…

Here are those gifts:

Gift #1: A Perspective on Parenting for the Hardest Job Out There

One of the most ‘real’ article on parenting I have read in a long time…

Gift #2 We Wish You a Merry Future

An extraordinary and inspiring vision of the future

Gift #3 The Power of Thank YOU

WHAT IF…a simple thank you goes a long way?
RESEARCH SAYS: When bosses say “thank you,” employees work 50% harder. It’s true. Thank you also results in reciprocal generosity, where the thanked person is more likely to help the ‘thanker’ and also stimulates pro-social behavior in general. In other words, saying “thanks” increases the likelihood your employee will not only help you, but also help someone else. Harvard Business Review tells of a national law firm that instilled the routine of Partners earnestly and specifically saying, “Thank you,” to staff and associates and even each other. That one change resulted in a significant drop in associate complaints, and most associates became more productive while reports of burnout all but disappeared.
TRY THIS: Give someone you work with a sincere thank you. Be sure to thank them for something specific, acknowledge their effort or personal sacrifice, and let them know what it meant personally to you.

Gift #4  Restore Your Faith in Humanity

Goodwill towards All in Human-Kind

Once Your Learn

Thanks this week go to  the Daily Good, Steve F, Anne S, Glenda O, Will M, Larry H & Helene G!

“Your own soul is nourished when you are kind; it is destroyed when you are cruel.”– King Solomon

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