Happy Soul Food Friday for Halloween 2014!

Happy Soul Food Friday for Halloween 2014!

Comfort Zone

This week:

What is the Most Important Thing People Should Know About You:

How to Live Happy Life- Life According to Sam

Increase your K.A.S.H.

=>Increase your Influence!

Panda Pandemonium:

               This is cute…

How Logos Work

and Elicit Feelings:

The Mysterious Lives of Cats

Captured in Black and White Photography:

Halloween Factoids:

It is now estimated that more than twice as much chocolate is sold for Halloween as for Valentine’s Day, with 90 million pounds of chocolate sold during this week… 

What is the Most Important Thing People Should Know About You:

How to Live Happy Life- Life According to Sam

Sam Berns a Junior at Foxboro High School in Foxboro, Massachusetts, achieved highest honors and was a percussion section leader in the high school marching band. He achieved the rank of Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America. Sam was diagnosed with Progeria, a rare, rapid aging disease, at the age of 2. He is featured in the documentary Life According to Sam.


Sadly, Sam passed away earlier this year but his positive spirit lives on…

Increase your K.A.S.H.=>Increase your Influence:

As an elite leader in life, you are in a great position to influence others in a very positive manner. The more you are able to increase and improve your knowledge, attitudes, skills and habitsthe more influence you will have and the bigger impact you will make.


Knowledge is Potential Power…especially when it is applied and you are in a leadership role.

The more you know, the more you can help people grow. Great leaders are great learners and students first and foremost. They are constantly seeking to increase their knowledge base and improve themselves. You might say they are on a…

Quest To Be Their Best!

Knowledge of yourself first and foremost is key to your success. In fact, one of my favorite quotes is by an ancient Chinese philosopher by the name of Lao-Tzu and goes…

“Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength, mastering yourself is true power.”

If you want to increase your personal power, you also need to work on attitude. We all do.

Attitudes are always caught before they can ever be taught. Any parent knows this firsthand, you rarely teach a child to have a good attitude. Good or bad, kids tend to model what they see and hear. We have all been programmed over time and our attitudes are the sum total of this programming.

Great leaders know that they must be always be a model of excellence for anyone that follows their lead. You must always demonstrate the attitude you hope to spread. Great leaders also know that before they can ever lead anyone else they must first lead themselves.

A leader knows that developing a great attitude requires daily effort and commitment. Just as you bath your body each and every day (I hope!), you need to bath your attitude.

A leaders impact and influence is always greater when they are consistent with their own attitudes, emotions and behavior patterns. This is why great leaders are congruent, consistent, and compelling. They truly walk their talk.


 “Repetition is the Mother of Skill”  –Tony Robbins


It’s been said that most of us are only one or two skills away from doubling our effectiveness and the results we are capable of achieving. I have talked before about the “Winning Edge Concept” that Brain Tracy espouses and or the power of 212 degrees. That is at 211 degrees water is hot but at 212 it boils and boiling water creates steam which creates energy, power, and ultimately great leverage.

What skills could make you a better leader? A better parent? A better teacher? A better boss or team leader? A better spouse or friend?

Once you identify what skills you need to develop, you can start to make the necessary changes to that lead to explosive and aggressive progress… You must also become determined and driven to develop those skills. One of the best ways to develop any skill is to study someone that already has that skill or what is called “modeling” in the peak performance industry.

If you want to learn any skill, find a qualified and capable instructor who not only knows how to do the skill but importantly how to teach it. Unfortunately the two don’t always go hand in hand. If they did, every person who had ever read a self-help book would be operating at a higher level. My best advice is to find a mentor or life coach that has already been there…done that.

Where there is a will…there is always a way. If you want something badly enough and you think about how to get it, you’ll find the answer and you’ll begin to attract the people and resources that will help you develop the skills you need to succeed. There is more great news! Once you learn, grow, and share your newly acquired skills, you can give more. It gets even better as you can’t out give the universe! If you don’t believe me try it!

Habits we train…are habits we train. Experts agree that 95% of what we do every day is based on habits. We are all creatures of habit.

The good news is we can consciously decide to develop new and better habits. That’s not to say that it is going to be easy, but it is simple.

Habits are developed just like any skill…through repetition. Do it over and over again and soon enough it will stick. This is one of the reasons that I repeat myselfJ.

It takes 21 days to a new habit. Maybe you want to develop the habit of a half hour of daily reading of inspirational materials. The key to making it become a habit is to set a time every day for reading and then just do it as the Nike slogan goes. However, if you want to reach mastery level, it will take on average 10,000 focused hours of practice and then some.

Simple isn’t it? Yes, but not always easy to do. 

Like anything we learn about developing habits of successful achievement, we need to be very consistent and do it over and over again, with enthusiasm, until it becomes habit. Remember, have the energy and enthusiasm and be eager and excited to excel. What could be better than the journey of self-discovery, self-improvement, and heightened awareness as you become the person you were designed to be.

Set the tone…be the Model of Excellence every day in every way!

Increase your K.A.S.H.=>Increase your Influence!

With Gratitude Always!


Panda Pandemonium:

Click here

How Logos Work and Elicit Feelings:

Have you ever wondered how a logo really works in people’s minds? How they serve not only as a shortcut for recognition but can also elicit feelings associated with that particular brand?

Here’s a fascinating infographic detailing the step-by-step for how our brains process logos.


The Mysterious Lives of Cats Captured in Black and White Photography:


Halloween Factoids:

With Halloween upon us, I thought I would share some interesting facts about America’s favorite spooky holiday. 🙂

In 1584, after French explorer Jacques Cartier explored the St. Lawrence region of North America, he reported finding “gros melons.” The name was translated into English as “pompions,” which has since evolved into the modern “pumpkin.”

The British and Americans really love their pumpkins – 18,952 tons of the stuff are sold in the UK and US during Halloween season. That’s enough pumpkins to make 41 million pumpkin pies.

The largest pumpkin pie ever baked was in 2005 and weighed 2,020 pounds.

Pumpkins have been grown in North America for five thousand years. They are indigenous to the western hemisphere.

Pumpkin seeds should be planted between the last week of May and the middle of June. They take between 90 and 120 days to grow and are picked in October when they are bright orange in color. Their seeds can be saved to grow new pumpkins the next year.

On October 31st this year it is estimated that some 41 million ghosts, ghouls, superheroes, witches, princesses, and presidents will be going from door to door in the US looking for enough candy to make it through until Christmas (or at least Thanksgiving). In fact consumers are projected to spend $75.03 per person, with an average of $27.85 on costumes and $22.37 on candy according to the National Retail Federation.

According to the National Confectioners Association candy sales are expected to reach $2.5 billion in sales across the US. The study shows that chocolate is the favorite Halloween candy, followed closely by candy corn (more than 35 million pounds are produced each year). It is now estimated that more than twice as much chocolate is sold for Halloween as for Valentine’s Day, with 90 million pounds of chocolate sold during the week running up to Halloween.

86 percent of Americans buy candy during the Halloween season.

Most people know orange and black are traditional Halloween colors, but might not know why: Orange represents the fall harvest and black represents the darkness associated with death of summer.

Hope everyone gets more treats than tricks, and has a happy and safe Halloween!


Thanks this week go to Peter Barron S, Steph. L, Isabelle A, JSJ, Robin M, Margaret M, & Larry H.

 Stay Sweet and Treat Those in Your Life Right!




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