Soul Fueled Friday August 15th 2014

This week:

revolution or evolution as long as it has LOVE in it


Lost Soul:

Many of our souls were crushed with the passing of Robin Williams this week 😦

Lipton (Inside the Actors Studio) reflected on Williams’ undeniable talent, saying, “Great comedians have to be great actors. And what does an actor do? He reaches deep inside his soul…and brings out something deeply mysterious, a total surprise. He could do that. He could do that as a comedian. He could do that as an actor. And when he reaches out and brings that out it’s unique. It’s something we’ve never seen before.”

To celebrate his life while mourning his loss here is a link on the Best of Robin Williams

Robin Williams asked about Heaven

Along with my all-time favorite, Robin William Improv on Golf (parental guidance suggested)

Putting your Heart and Soul into Your Work:

This is why I have been at Mission Fed for 12 years, working on purpose and changing the world- one person, one relationship, and one community partner at a time…here’s a beautiful video produced by our very own Robin Martin:

Getting out in CommUnity:

All give some. Some give all.  Now we must help them and their families.

San Diego Military Family Collaborative on KUSI News

Making a Difference, One Student at a Time- Pitch it Forward:

Helping high school students develop into leaders of the future
Young men and women of San Diego County are getting new exposure to principles of leadership in a somewhat non-traditional way. Pitch It Forward, a San Diego-based non-profit, is collaborating with high schools to challenge young athletes to lead more effectively in the environments in which they live, learn and play. Participants in the program meet monthly for leadership and teamwork education. The goal? To work as a team to create real and meaningful culture change in their schools. Learn more at

 What a great way to affirm diversity, promote understanding and honor differences:

Some of the Cutest Parenting Moments in the Animal Kingdom:

These will fill you with good cheer and help you dry a tear…


Thanks this week go to Robin Williams for decades of immense laughter and moments of intense sorrow, all those that work on fostering CommUnity, affirming diversity, & cultivating leaders, as well as this week’s contributors; Larry H, Heidi E, Dan E, the Mission Fed team & the SD Military Family Collaborative.

Please pay it forward. You can’t take it with you, but you can leave a world of difference behind…



“You rise by lifting others.” –Robert Green Ingersoll


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