Happy Soul Food Friday for St. Patrick’s Day Week!

Happy Soul Food Friday!


This week:

Does Teaching Kids to Get Gritty Help them to Get Ahead?
Given the name of our martial arts school translates as the Green Willow embodying persistence, this NPR story go my attention…

Compassion IT:
As the Co-Chair of the American Marketing Association Cause Conference this year, I am privileged to run into people and organizations like this one…

At COMPASSION IT, we made “compassion” a verb; our #1 goal is to inspire people around the world to consciously incorporate compassion in their daily lives and inspire others through compassionate actions.
We believe we can move the world toward happiness and global connection through our one-of-a-kind reversible COMPASSION IT bracelets—dark side reminds you to commit an act of compassion, flip to the light side when your compassionate action is complete.
With something as simple as a smile to a stranger, helping a friend move, or thinking before we speak, this daily ritual of “flipping your bracelet” has a ripple effect and will enrich and change millions of lives.
From the Parliament in Botswana to classrooms in Costa Rica to homes in Nepal to small-town America, COMPASSION IT is spreading its message, one bracelet at a time. In fact, COMPASSION IT is already in more than 42 countries around the world!
Our bracelets are intended primarily for fundraisers; at an affordable cost, communities, schools, businesses, and even families can raise money using COMPASSION IT bracelets, influence positive behaviors through a pass-it-on ripple effect, and have an impact of peace and mindfulness that affects everyone.
Thanks Sara J. Schairer, Founder of Compassion It

One of my favorite Ted Talks which will remind us all of what is most essential…

10 Simple Rules to be Nice
Just friggin’ do IT!

We are working hard locally to transform the region… Can you help us lead IT?

If you are local…
Join IT


Make Art & Support Art in Schools
Sunday, March 23 2pm to 5pm
Mia Francesca
Del Mar Highlands Town Center
Register now!

In case you missed IT:
Hope you enjoyed St. Patrick’s Day…


Thanks this week go to KPBS/NPR, Sara S, Scott B/L, Robin Sharma, Andrea Y/C, ArtReach and Heidi D who is soon to be married!

Pay IT Forward!

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