SFF Friday for December 6th 2013: 1 Unreal You, 10 Unreal Principles, & 20 Unreal Places!

Happy Soul Food Friday!


This week:
1 Unreal You
10 Unreal Principles
20 Unreal Places

Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it.”–Gautama Buddha

Like many of you, I am firmly committed to working with and on purpose. This requires setting the right intention, paying attention, and cultivating the right attitude.

When we connect with people whose purpose is clear, their work blossoms forth and becomes an expression of their love and energy- and they make it all seem so unreal.

How do they do it?

Here are Ten Principles of Working on Purpose that might help the rest of us Manifest our Destiny…


Destiny in a Tossed Coin:

The Japanese General Nobunaga decided to attack even though he had only one soldier to the enemy’s ten. He was sure he would win, but his soldiers were full of fear.

On the way to battle they stopped at a Shinto shrine. After praying in the shrine Nobunaga came out and said, “I shall now toss a coin. If it is heads, we shall win. If tails, we shall    lose. Destiny will now reveal herself.”

He tossed the coin, it was heads.

The soldiers were so keyed up for the fight that they wiped out the enemy.

The next day an aide said to Nobunaga, “No one can change Destiny.”

“Right,” said General Nobunaga showing him a doubled coin that was heads on both sides.

Who Manifests YOUR Destiny?

Here are 20 places on earth that simply don’t look real:

What is your favorite?

Please post your comments and stay wonder-filled…

Click here!

If you are so inclined, please pass them on, for others to enjoy as well. 


Thanks this week to The Daily Good, Anthony DeMello, Larry H and YOU!

It is not magic to the magician!



“Wonder is the beginning of wisdom.”
Greek Proverb

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