Soul Food for Aug 16th 2013: Gratitude, Smart Puppy & Amazing Pics including an Elephant meeting a Sea Lion!

Happy Soul Food Friday!

This week:


  • Café Gratitude for Soul Sustenance
  • An Amazing Puppy
  • Incredible Pictures from around the World including an Elephant meeting a Sea Lion!

Café Gratitude:

My friend Jerry P sent me some photos from Café Gratitude that he visited in Berkeley not so long ago, that totally resonates with Soul Food Friday!

Apparently, there are several locations like this.

Check out the sample menu

I AM inspired!



I AM GREAT Live buckwheat granola with fresh almond milk 8.5

I AM BRIGHT-EYED A blend of coconut milk, nuts, fruit, vanilla and cinnamon 8

I AM PEACE Live onion bagel with cashew crème cheese, nori “lox,” tomato, onion, capers and sprouts 6.5
Add avocado 2.25

I AM SUSTAINED Steamed quinoa with seasonal fruit, cinnamon, pecans, almond milk and agave 8

I AM FRESH Fresh summer fruit with Thai young coconut yogurt 8

Check out this Amazing Puppy!

Finally, Incredible pictures from around the World!

Click here

Thanks this week go to Jerry P and Larry H!

Stay Soul-Filled…


Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest.” ~ Mark Twain

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