Soul Food for July 27th, 2012

Happy Soul Food Friday!

This week:

On Education:

What is School For?
Check out Stop Stealing Dreams
by Seth Godin

A recent lunch with two saints; Paul B. and Peter B. Stark brought up this compelling publication on education

On Intelligence:

Dr. Jill Tarter: A Scientist Searching For Alien Life

Whatever you stand on the idea of extraterrestrial life, experience this compelling interview by a thoughtful scientist who contemplates the stars and life beyond the confines of our little blue planet

“We reserve the right to get smarter”

On Parenting:

Anyone with Active Kids will Resonate with the Table Cloth Trick

On Travel:
Enjoy this amazing slide deck without ever having to leave your house or office…

Special thanks this week go to  Peter, Paul & Larry

Pay it Forward!



“LOVE is our Soul Purpose”

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