Soul Food for the week of July 13th, 2012


Here is your Soul Food for this post-Independence Day week:

So, what does the Next Generation of the American Dream look like?
A sea change in orientation as “First Globals” understand the idea of a linked or shared fate:

Did you happen to know the Other Verse of our National Anthem?
This marine does…

Bet you could have used this Simple Trick at your 4th of July BBQ:

Goethe, the German philosopher, said, “The world without music would be a mistake”.
This community- kids and all- takes this to heart! Enjoy this un-classical flash mob performance from just a couple of months ago..

Finally, if you have a few extra minutes,

Experience this amazing commencement speech given by Cory Booker, currently Mayor of Newark, New Jersey and a Stanford alum on the Conspiracy of Love.

Thanks this week to Mike, Larry, Anurag and Mohit!

Keep feeding the right beast and stay faith-ful (and soul-ful)…



A great artist is always before his time or behind it. 
~ George Edward Moore

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