Soul Food for Friday, June 29th

Happy Soul Food Friday!

This week:

New Frontiers in Education:

In my travels in education I am honored to cross paths with so many interesting people advancing the art and science of education.

Recently, I was introduced to the Center for Human Development at UCSD where they are doing some breakthrough work “chasing the signal” of how to foster the right environment and motivational constructs for self-directed life-long learning. To that end on one project The UC San Diego Center for Human Development is working with local music instructors and martial arts communities to address an important question: How does involvement in the arts affect the development of children? Dr. Terry Jernigan and her colleagues are recruiting children under the age of 10 to assess their academic, social-emotional, and neurological development to help determine whether, and how, children may benefit from participation in music and martial arts.  The goal of the project is to acquire more empirical evidence about the effects of arts involvement during childhood, so that policy makers can make better informed decisions about support for initiatives that provide more children with opportunities to participate in these activities. The project is ongoing and The Center for Human Development ( is still recruiting families, so contact to learn more about participation and their interesting work.

As a Student of Human Behavior, Motivation is such an Interesting Subject:So what really motivates people? This classic might have you reconsidering…

You CAN lead from where you stand
Look at what this group is doing in their community…

To Keep a Sharp Mind:
Put your brain to this quick & fun test and see what YOU see…
Check it out!

If our lives are the dynamic tension between our Fears and our Dreams…


Speaking of Dreams, this is what Making History & Winning Looks and Feels Like!
Success takes a village in any language or arena…

Creativity Comes in Many Flavors: The Fruit Parade:
Like the Rose parade in Pasadena, this is a fruit parade in Tiel, Netherlands. Check out these amazing floats made from fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds.
Click here

Finally, Soul Food Friday would not be complete without gracing you with a musical interlude that feeds the soul:

Thanks this week to Conner and Terry, Steve H., Beth, Jiloo & Larry

Pay it Forward!



“Your own soul is nourished when you are kind;

it is destroyed when you are cruel.”– King Solomon

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