Soul Food for June 8th, 2012

Happy Soul Food Friday!

It has been quite the season filled with end-of-the-year activities in both K-12 and Higher Ed. So far I have already enjoyed a Law School graduation at UCLA for my cousin Freyaan and a graduation at USD for my cousin Cowas.

Last weekend I was privileged as part of the UCSD Alumni Board to experience an amazing Alumni Weekend at UCSD, and meet the new Chancellor Designate

Pradeep Khosla who will begin his term as UCSD’s 8th Chancellor on August 1st.

In a season filled with new beginnings, commencement speeches can be brutally blasé or total triumphs

I got this one via my cousin in India and thought it was fantastic!

What say you?

Thanks Kaiyoze

It’s not just what is said but what is heard that counts

This clip makes that clear in an unusual way…

Thanks Brian

Let’s go back to 1944.

Ride out the first minute of singing, and then I want to hear what you say. Unbelievable!

Thanks Chris

Speaking of time travel, here are some oldies that made big “hits”:

Click here to see some awesome pics!

There is more to life that what meets the eye…

Don’t believe everything you see. Here we’ve been thinking for all these years that they were just heads. This just adds to the mystery of these amazing sculptures.  Maybe now they can get more information about them seeing as they have writings on them.

The Stone Statues in Easter Island have bodies !

Check it out!

For some lighter fare, enjoy some Chocolate Math:

Click this!

 Thanks Larry for these last few submissions

Are you crazy enough to believe you can change the world?

I know you are…

Thanks Marlaine

Keep seeing with a new pair of eyes, hearing with your heart and stay sweet!

Pay it Forward…

“The day will come when, after harnessing space, the winds, the tides and gravitation,we shall harness for God the energies of love. And on that day, for the second time in the history of the world, we shall have discovered fire!”

–Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

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