Soul Food for April 6th 2012

Happy Soul-filled Friday!

The Power of Attitude:

Have you ever run into people that seem eternally positive? It’s not like they are putting you on or anything, they just genuinely have cultivated the skill of being and focusing on the positive things in life. They embody the notion that attitudes are infectious and make theirs definitely worth catching!

At work we are blessed to have a plant service. Ernie New is our BD and Client Care Specialist from Green Leaf Interior Plant Solutions. Ernie does “the rounds” making sure our plants are healthy, happy and watered just right.

But Ernie doesn’t just care for the plants. Plant care, in my opinion, is just a great excuse to care for people!

While we may see his role as the plant guy, I think we are missing his PURPOSE as a people guy.

Our I does not equal R, in other words our identity is not our role

Ernie is always positive, takes the time to connect with you personally if you are receptive, or does his thing innocuously if you are busy, and just seems to know when and how to extend himself.

As a student of human behavior, I have observed him keenly for months and last week felt compelled to ask him about his attitude and how the heck he remains so positive ALL THE TIME?

His response was quite illuminating.  Ernie said, “I don’t give much thought or attention to the negative”. In other words, it wasn’t some big deal or focus or personal commitment or externally imposed way of being. Ernie simply made THE DECISION to focus on the positive and at minimum, not focus on the negative.

All things being equal in the plant care business (or any business for that matter), I would want an Ernie taking care of my plants because at the same time he is also taking care of me!

Our role is not our identity.
At Mission Fed we are not in the financial services business, we are in the trust business.
It might be useful to self-assess how this plays out in your various roles too…

When each of us get clear on why we are here and the real impact we CAN have in the day-to-day lives of others BLISS HAPPENS!

Alignment with our Passion and Purpose transform our relationships to ourselves, one another and our world, and today I take my hat off to Ernie New from Green Leaf Interior Plant Solutions for modeling “the way”!
(thanks Ernie)

Leading with Attitude is Critically important.

Here are 10 THOUGHTS ABOUT LEADERSHIP that resonated for me this week…

1. People follow the leader first and the leader’s vision second – It does not matter if the leader shares a powerful vision, if the leader is not someone who people will follow the vision will never be realized. As a leader, who you are makes a difference. The most important message you can share is yourself.

2. Trust is the force that connects people to the leader and his/her vision – Without trust there is a huge gap between the leader and the vision. Without trust people will stay off the bus. However if people trust the leader they will hop on the bus with the leader and help move the bus forward towards the vision.

3. Leadership is not just about what you do but what you can inspire, encourage and empower others to do.

4. A leader brings out the best within others by sharing the best within themselves.

5. Just because you’re driving the bus doesn’t mean you have the right to run people over – Abraham Lincoln said “Most anyone can stand adversity, but to test a man’s character give him power.” The more power you are granted the more it is your responsibility to serve, develop and empower others. When you help them grow they’ll help you grow.

6. “Rules without Relationship Leads to Rebellion” – Andy Stanley said this and it’s one of my favorite quotes. As a leader you can have all the rules you want but if you don’t invest in your people and develop a relationship with them they will rebel. This applies amazingly to children as well. It’s all about relationships.

7. Lead with optimism, enthusiasm and positive energy, guard against pessimism and weed out negativity.

8. Great Leaders know they don’t have all the answers – Rather they build a team of people who either know the answers or will find them.

9. Leaders inspire and teach their people to focus on solutions, not complaints. (The No Complaining Rule)

10. Great leaders know that success is a process not a destination – One of my heroes John Wooden, the legendary UCLA basketball coach, never focused on winning. He knew that winning was the byproduct of great leadership, teamwork, focus, commitment and execution of the fundamentals. As a leader focus on your people and process, not the outcome

(thanks Larry)

Everyone is a Superhero!

Check out this individual’s commitment to helping kids
(thanks Rex)

Our superhero traits sometimes are part of our nature and sometimes need to be nurtured. Enjoy this little guy who shows us that it is never too early to rock out…
(thanks Arman)

Connecting with the natural world can be extremely centering and soul filling
This first slide deck is striking in the contrast of black and white photography of animals in Africa: Click here

The second Is a stunning hi def video from Alberta, Canada.
(thanks Chris for these two)

Finally, if a picture is worth a thousand words resonate with this…
A Visual Meaning of Words
(thanks Heidi)

Pay it forward!

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