Soul Food for March 16th 2012:

It’s Soul Food Friday

Stay Soul-Filled and Share Your Energy- the World Needs YOU!

On Leadership:

This week I had the privilege of sharing some thoughts on Leadership with the Management team at Mission Fed. Here are two clips that allowed me to get to the heart of two key dimensions of leadership. The first while heavy, addresses the fundamental question about leadership is individually focused, and speaks to personal accountability. The second is much lighter and more group focused as it relates to engagement, recognizing the role everyone plays in that process.

As we know, most major events start with the singing of the national anthem. Now, imagine what it is like to do this as a 13 year old in front of 20,000 people…
Check out this video

(Thanks Rex)

How to Start a Movement:

Click here!

(Thanks Jack & Sonia)

Thanks for all that every one of you do to Lead, Follow and as needed sometimes just Get out of the way when it comes to leadership in your circles of influence!

Kid’s Helping Creating the Conditions to Stop Bullying:

Listen to one young person’s advice to her peers in this YouTube video as part of Monster March

Watch this

(Thanks Victoria)

Committed to Social Justice?
This clip at the most recent TED conference garnered one of the largest standing “Os” and features both thoughtful content AND is brilliantly delivered:

(Thanks Jack and TED)

2nd Annual Sustainable Feast Event

Mission Fed is one of the sponsors of the 2nd Annual Sustainable Feast event, presented by Kaiser Permanente. Taking place on April 22, and set in the heart of Point Loma’s Liberty Station, this event will pair local farms with top chefs in San Diego who will prepare fantastic food—up close and personal. Two great bands will be present and the Outdoor Education Fun Zone will demonstrate how fun learning through nature can be. For more information, or to purchase some tix, check out the two clips below—and visit the event website.

Don’t Throw Out the Baby with the Bathwater:

Here is a little positive energy with respect to our Armed Forces- where all give some and some give all– to afford us the freedom and lifestyle we are blessed to enjoy. This wordless video will leave you a little speechless…

(Thanks Larry)

Now to Lighter Fare…

How smart is your right foot?  Try the test below—

Click here!

Finally Warm the Cockles of your Heart with:

 Pets and Kids!

Pay it forward!




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