Soul Food for the First Friday in March 2012

Happy Soul Food Friday!

Mission Fed just celebrated a successful 2011 with our Annual Business Meeting at the Del Mar Fairgrounds and the theme was Mission Super Heroes!

The results of a record-breaking year were the capstone that empowered us with both valuable information and inspiration to continue to step up our game and drive real value back to Mission Fed and our members.

As practice makes permanent (perfect practice makes perfect), I wanted to extend myself and share a couple of insights and tools that maybe we all can collectively use in our work and community, as we keep our pedal on the growth accelerator.

My first insight was that a leader’s fundamental role is to enliven the heroic cause in their people.

Remember, we are all leaders- leadership is a choice not a position and we can all lead from where we stand.

Our “noble” job description is something we should give serious consideration to both understanding and internalizing.

My Heroic Cause is: To manifest success in our staff and member’s personal and professional lives, for their TOTAL wellbeing, that of their families, and for the greater good of our extended community


What’s YOURS??

Extending oneself into our community can be transformational!

Everyone has a favorite charity that is near and dear to their heart. Now through March 28, you can vote for your favorite charity—the one with the most votes will receive $5,000! Vote once per day in our first-ever Mission Possible Charity Challenge, hosted by Mission Fed and Clear Channel to showcase our love of local nonprofits and the life-changing work they make possible each day.

Just go to Mission Fed’s Facebook at,  “LIKE” us, and then click on the Charity Challenge Tab, which will walk you through the easy voting process. There are currently around 95 fantastic local nonprofits on our voting list, so you are sure to find one or more that you are passionate about to vote for.

Thanks for all YOU do in your community!

Neuroscience is opening new pathways to understanding how our brain works.

Here are a couple of links and videos- some short and some long- to help you stay current:

Profit vs. Principle: The Neurobiology of Integrity

‘If it’s a sacred value to you, then you can’t even conceive of it in a cost-benefit framework.’

(Thanks Larry)

Use your Brain   to Change your Age –What is Known about the High Performing Brain Brain Health is   all about the quality of your decisions. If you have some time, here’s  Dr. Daniel Amen presentation talking about what to do and not do for your   brain: you just want to see the short list of what to do and not do to   cultivate a high performing brain click here: Paul)

Everyone’s Brain is  different. Understanding how other people process the world can by   enlightening.

Last year I attended a   Dyslexia Symposium that for the first hour gave me the experience of what it   is to be dyslexic and it blew my mind!

Now they are making this   experience available for all educators and I strongly recommend it if you   want to see the world through the experience of others:

There are a lot of myths  and falsehoods about California Higher Education

As a member of the UCSD   Alumni Board of Directors, I was exposed to this Bakers Dozen from UC   President Mark Yudof in the last week.

Education is power. Don’t   believe everything you think!

On a lighter   scale check out the musical potentiality of the simple harmonica

Here’s to the musician in YOU!

(Thanks Larry)

Committed to your own   wellness?

Here is a blog post I wrote   on the subject.

“If it is easy to do, it   is easy NOT to do!”

Finally use your lateral thinking and enjoy the humor as you play “Name   the Picture.”

Name the Picture

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