Soul Food for 2/10/2012

Happy Soul Food Friday!

Overcoming Regret and Fear are great liberators on the journey of life.

Here are the top five regrets so we don’t have to experience them for ourselves

(thanks Rex)

Now that we cleared the decks of regrets, let’s focus on Happiness

Here is Creating Happiness in 3 minutes

Click here

Art has the power to quite literally transform a space

Enjoy some French Graffiti in this amazing slide show

GRAFITIS FRANCESES (it’s a big file, so it’ll take a little while to open!)

Imagination is Boundless!

Have fun with the Imagination of  these Kids

Click here

(Thanks Larry for both of these sub-Missions)

Speaking of feet…

Raising happy healthy well-rounded kids is no easy feat.

If you want to raise your bar on your kid-raising experience, Check out Parenting 2.0 the largest parenting group on Linked-IN with more than 1500+ engaged parents like you.

BTW, they gave the Re-Energizing Education event a nice plug at:

(Thanks Marlaine)

What is life without music?

How is this for literally driving new forms of music?

What would you become if you invested one hour a day on learning something new?

This guy did…

(Thanks Amy KR for both of these)

Stay Well, Laugh Lots, and Pay it Forward!


“There comes a time when the mind
takes a higher plane of knowledge
but can never prove how it got there”

Albert Einstein

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