Soul Food Friday for December 9th

Happy Soul Food Friday,

I am sure many of you are familiar with TED talks (Ideas Worth Spreading)

My big “aha’s” for this week happened last Saturday at TEDx San Diego 2011 “The World in Our Grasp”,

It is co-founded by a friend of mine Jack Abbott and put on by a slew of talented and committed volunteers and was a sold out event.

I will invite Jack to guest blog about what inspired him to co-found TEDx San Diego, one of hundreds of TEDx’s occurring all over the world for an upcoming post, but for now here are a few of the highlights and some links to a few gems to whet your appetite and get your soul a-soaring!

While it is virtually impossible to convey a whole days’ worth of exceptional content, here is a synthesis of  some of the ideas worth sharing that really resonated for me and I hope they spark something in you too.

There was so much good content that I am going to break it up into a couple of Soul Food e-Missives so as not to dilute the impact of this elixir…


Connections, Creations and Commitments:

Thematically, while the subject matter experts and their focus varied, the call to wake up, live the dream, face our humanity and in some cases our inhumanity and then redefine our self to include our broader community and planet, as well as take a commitment to be a force of good in our world – however we define it- and plant and cultivate the seeds of change to leave our planet better than we found it was the goal, aim and purpose of the conference.

Some speakers bent our minds with intellect, others touched our hearts with their kindness and wisdom, some enflamed our courage with their conviction and bravery, while others reached our soul with music, poetry and metaphor.

First some killer links for those that want to cut right to the experience without any mediation:


Heart: Happiness Revealed by Louie Schwartzberg was one of the TED videos shown that really touched me as we cultivate the gratefulness response & revisit time with a sense of wonder.

It makes you go, “Oh My God!”

Oh- brings you into the present with mindfulness

My- connects us with something deep inside our very soul

God- is that personal journey we all want to be on as we are deeply inspired

If 80% of the information we receive comes through our eyes, and in comparing light energy to musical scales the reality is that the naked eye can only see ONE OCTAVE, then this is a sight to behold…


Science: Think that NASA is dead?

You’ve got another think coming…

Going beyond just “The World in Our Grasp” this link will blow your mind as you can see our solar system in 3D, watching planets and even satellites moving through space and in real time.

Think Google Earth for the Solar System and you get the drift.

You can even time travel back in time to see Voyager and other missions, and then advance into time to see where they will be 20 years from now.

Click on: download the unity 3D plug in, watch the introduction as well as the video tutorials, start experimenting with the controls and SPACE OUT!

Do share this with your friends and family to expand their vision about space, exploration and this tiny blue planet we call home…


Life is a Marathon. Here is What YOU can do in the Crevices of Life : Amy Krouse Rosenthal

Ok so you are thinking this is cool stuff, but given my commitments and schedule, when can I possible manifest these parts of myself?

In a terrific presentation, about Capitalizing on the Crevices of Life, Amy Krouse Rosenthal a bestselling author and filmmaker of both adult and children’s content, shared how she uses the gaps in her day and rather than squander… she wanders and uses these short bursts of time to create, write books (16 kids books written between 2005 and 2011 this way) and totally debunks the myth that there is not enough time for the vital stuff because we are so bogged down with the urgent!

This short project with minimal planning and maximum impact is a terrific way to give back energetically to people in our respective communities and leave their day better…


“Nothing is so powerful as an idea whose time has come” – Hugo

The time has come, the idea(s) are here, and YOU are part of creating our new and better world.

How do I know?
You are still reading this!

Pay it forward…


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