Friday Soul Food for Sept 16th 2011- Education, Civility, Inspiration and Cool Art

Happy Soul Food Friday!

Here’s this week’s boost of energy juice to keep you
inspired, and remind us of what is truly important…

Education: It was another inspiring week
interacting with education here in San Diego.


This time it was Back to School night at Earl Warren Middle
School in Solana Beach, where I was awed by educators that “get it” and are
committed to making a difference of consequence for our kids.

Here are some examples of good stuff which I hope is going on
all around the county that I hope we all model and practice in our daily lives:

  • An 8th grade English class where the read, write,
    listen and speak
    fundamentals are cultivated in a context of “searching for
    justice”,&  “saying what you feel” so students develop a
    conscious framework in their quest for understanding, learn to love to read,
    and can cultivate their own voice and ways to express it. Finding your voice
    and helping others find theirs. Is there anything more poignant?
  • A US History class where a student-centric 3 tiered approach
    takes students on a journey from Facts and Evidence –> Historical Themes (including Political- Democratic values, Economic- Capitalist values, and Social- Societal issues –> Big Ideas and Concepts such as Freedom, Justice and Inclusion that are tackled along with inconsistencies & contradictions between our aspirations and our practice. Being intellectually honest and teaching us to temper idealism with reality. Is there anything more genuine?
  • A Math class that instead of being monolithic is  actually self-paced
    based on the level and understanding of each of the students,
    as they
    progressively move the dial on their understanding and integration of the key
    concepts. Accommodating individual learning intelligences, styles and paces.
    Is there anything more progressive?
  • A Digital Arts class where kids are exposed to the principles of
    design and the technological tools that are being used today in commercial
    enterprises everywhere to produce inspired information age art. Blending
    timeless creativity with information age technology is there anything more
    joyful than young people expressing themselves?
  • A Band/Music class where kids are focused on the development
    of musicality
    and actually challenged to site read music they have never
    seen before. Being comfortable in the unknown. Is there anything more
  • A Physical Science Class focused on empowering kids to be
    responsible not only for their own education but grounding kids in a better
    understanding of science in their lives, predicated on respect for themselves, each other and the environment
    so they can be good stewards of our planet. A respect frame that expands our definition of self to others and our planet. Is there anything more vital?

Clearly, Whole Child, 21st Century Readiness is alive and well in many classrooms with engaged students and committed teachers modeling the way- Bless you ALL!


Higher Ed

UCSD is well on its way to developing a total wellbeing cluster
to prep and equip students with skills and practical experience; fostering good
habits in all 8 dimensions of wellness. Here once again, there is a recognition
that mission attainment at a great institution of higher learning can’t just
focus on intellectual advancement at the detriment of the whole being, and they
are committed to creating the conditions for a healthy and vibrant student body
that can carry these talents and skills into the world along with their


Last week with the black out, I touched on the fact that
adversity doesn’t breed character it reveals it.

This article embodies the best in people that even in the most
rowdy of circumstances, step up and do the right thing.

Durkheim the father of sociology said ethics is “adherence to
the un-enforceable”
doing the right thing even when there is no one there
to catch you if you don’t… trips-loses-1-000-82?urn=nfl-wp7156&active_dimension=carousel_coke_today&ysp_frm_woah=1


A group of us have been working hard on Transforming Education
in San Diego

Best-selling local author Steve Farber is committed to this
cause and is releasing a new publication to support education in San Diego
(more on this later)

Here is some inspiration from Steve and his publisher that
should spark you up!

Welcome to the No Limit Loop –
The Anti-Newsletter Newsletter.
The No Limit Loop is the next
evolution of newsletters. More value and impact in less time. Short, sweet
and intense.
The No Limit
Publishing Group is thrilled to be releasing Steve Farber’s next book, The Radical Leap Re-Energized, on November 4, 2011.  Steve is an absolute
leadership force in the U.S. Enjoy the piece below, inspired by his upcoming
book, that will serve as an adrenaline shot for your mind.
For more exclusive content, use your Android device or iPhone/iPad to download The Loop app, providing the latest on what Steve Farber and other thought leaders are doing and saying, plus discounts, special offers and advance notice of events near you. To get in The Loop, Android users click here and
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Remember…if you must doubt
something today, doubt your limits.
–Jeremy Brown, Publisher,
No Limit Publishing Group

Steve Farber on Finding the Love in What You Do

Yes, you want your customers to love doing
business with you, and you want your colleagues and employees to love working
with you, but the most important element in the practice of cultivating
love is
, ironically, the one we talk the least about and give
virtually no attention to: your own personal connection with the work
you do every day.

Why is that so important?
Because it’s impossible (at least in any significant and long-lasting way) to
engage, motivate, compel, energize anyone else unless you feel it yourself,
first. And love is the way to generate all of the above.

Here’s a process you can use to spark the match in your own heart. Try this and
see if it gives you the juice you need to lead in a way that inspires others to
accomplish extraordinary things:

1) Remember why you took your job: Think back over
the course of your career so far and recount the events, jobs, projects and
other things that led to your beginning your current work. Then write your
answer to these questions: Why did I take this job/start this company/enlist in
this program? Are the ideals that I started with still in place today? If not,
how can I re-enliven them?

2) List every aspect of your current work/job/career: Make a
quick inventory of all the various aspects of your work: tasks, projects,
roles, responsibilities, colleagues, higher-ups, employees, customers, clients,
underlying values, etc. Write it however works best for you. Categorize if
you’d like; or don’t. However you do it, you should be able to look at the
finished product and see all the aspects of your work life at the present time.

3) Highlight what and whom you’re grateful for: Use a
highlighter to emphasize the items on your list that really resonate with
you—those things you love doing, the people you truly care about, the values
that you strive to live by—and make coming to work worthwhile. As for the items
that don’t get highlighted, well, that’s life. We all have to do things that we
don’t love doing in order to do the overall work that we love. (I, for example,
don’t love waiting in airports, making sales calls and tracking expenses). We
have a technical term for doing those things anyway. It’s called “being an

4) Review your highlights every day: Once a day—ideally in the
morning, before things get rolling—review your list and focus on the
highlights. Allow yourself to feel genuine gratitude for the things,
activities, and people that populate your working experience. That one simple,
reflective practice should help to stoke or re-kindle the love in your heart
for the work you do.

And if it doesn’t?

It could be that you’re in the wrong place and/or doing the wrong work. But
don’t jump to that conclusion rashly; use this opportunity to reflect and
consider this work in the greater context of your life and goals.

Remember: You’re starting this process with yourself because
that’s how you’ll genuinely and effectively be contagious to those around you.
That’s how you’ll inspire others to step up and do the same.

—Steve Farber, leadership expert and author
of The Radical Leap Re-Energized

Last but not least, here is some Cool Art (thanks Larry) to
stretch your perspective and mitigate attentional blindness- that conditioned
response that precludes us from seeing “what is”…

Have a glorious weekend!

Pay it forward…


Click the first photo to enlarge and you can scroll through the rest…

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